The CamFam Solar System (For 6th Graders)

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Explaining the Corporate Universe to a 6th Grader! Created in 2020

While my title is Instructional Designer, it only represents a fraction of what I actually do. Part of my job has always been to imagine the future of how we work and explain it in very easily understood terms so that anyone, including a 6th grader or a Corporate Leader, could grasp the strategies instantly. To do that, I leverage some Design Thinking tools, including this “explain it to a 6th grader” method of storytelling.


Sometimes getting out of the box is easier when you work with constraints. It’s the opposite of the “blank canvas problem” and calls for creative thinking and problem-solving. For this video, I wanted to use the most accessible tools to any Instructional Designer with the lowest learning curve so that the method could be scaled out to the rest of our team of designers.

  • The Animation was created using Keynote (or PowerPoint) and then exported with full animations
  • The Voice Over was recorded and edited with Adobe Audition (Part of Adobe Creative Cloud)
  • The voice and video were timed-out and finished in TechSmith Camtasia

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