Future Casting Tech for The North America Learning Community

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A key part of any L&D position is to stay current on the tools and technologies that shape our production abilities and allow us to capture, organize, optimize and share knowledge with our learning communities.

Kudos for this talk from the Arcadis learning community:

“Thanks for sharing! This was great. I am glad that Cam and the rest of the team are a part of ARCADIS. Your team is so talented!

Just thought I’d share Cam’s “tech talk” to our North American Learning Community Forum. This forum under Rick’s leadership “meets” virtually every month to learn what each is doing, share best practices and questions and generally learn together. Our purpose is to ensure the highest quality learning experiences throughout ARCADIS.
Take a listen – it’s great!”

— Health & Safety Specialist at Arcadis

“Getting feedback on the Training session. Sounds like you did a great job – way to go! Thank you for the extra effort.”


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