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We have more tools at our disposal than ever before. The game has changed from finding a tool to do the job, to curating the right collection of tools to enhance your workflow and become more efficient. The following collection of tools is curated from my own personal experience and use and crowdsourced from my vast network of creative, corporate and entrepreneur type friends.

#CoolToolTuesday – Think With Google

If you don’t have millions of dollars and the brightest minds in the business to do research for you, let the pros do it. Google may be reporting on consumer data but we’re all creators and consumers and many of the lessons shared here apply to you, your job and your clients.

#CoolToolTuesday –  Paste App

I’ve tried just about every clipboard manager there is for the Mac. This is the first app that gets it right. www.pasteapp.me/

Why: Have you ever copied something important and got distracted before you could paste it, and copied again? Have you ever wished you could drop commonly used text into a field with a just few clicks? Paste makes it painless and requires zero geek power. I’m a proper geek,  but I don’t need my tools to be.

Functionality + Usability = Efficiency

Aside from getting the usability of a clipboard manager right, finally, Paste App has raised the bar with cloud storage that works across all of your Apple devices and drag-and-drop organization of your copied items so that you can easily find the collection you need in groups.

It’s $10 if you love it and 100% worth it. And if you’re not sure you need a tool like this, I double-dog dare you to install the free trial and use it for a week.

Things you can use a clipboard manager for:

Email templates: If you’re anything like me you have a handful of accounts with different contact info. Keep a few templates to get your emails started off in the clipboard manager and just double click them to insert them into the body of the email.

Anywhere you find yourself typing the same thing over and over (forms, addresses, social marketing messages). Just open the clipboard manager, click the group you want and double-click to insert the text.

Code: Adding some analytics tracking code to your site? No problem Paste won’t tweak your formatting at all. The I keep a group of commonly used snippets in Paste that I can paste at will.


Behold, https://www.noisli.com/ a refreshingly simple and distraction-free environment to write in. Complete with atmosphere/background soundtracks, a dead-simple text editor and a timer for those looking to explore the Pomodoro technique, to keep the creative thoughts coming.